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Top 7 Yoga Studios in Orange County

Looking to get your yoga fix? Here's a list of the best yoga studios in the OC


Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular way to stay fit and centered. Here’s a list of some the best and most popular yoga studios in Orange County. Be sure to check each studio’s website for class times, descriptions and intruductory offers.

1. Triad Yoga & Pilates

This small Irvine studio has classes all day, including the popular mid-day classes, which often get packed out by students and local professionals on their lunch break. The beauty of Triad is in its soothing atmosphere, friendly community and attentive staff. Classes range from beginner to very advanced with styles including Hatha Flow, Ashtanga, Yin Restorative, Prenatal and Mat Pilates. 

2. Yoga Works

Yoga Works has several locations around Orange County, all of them with raving fans and reviews. All instructors are very experienced and required to have advanced Yoga Alliance certification. The studios are immaculate and the atmosphere is inviting. In addition to the various flow styles and Pilates offerings, YogaWorks class styles include Kundalini, Baby & Me, Prenatal, and Bar Works.

3. Purple Yoga

While it seems most of the yoga enthusiasm is centered in the South Orange County, Fullerton-based Purple Yoga is known as one of the best studios for hot yoga. There is only one room, and classes often get very crowded in the evenings. While most of the classes are designed for advanced and intermediate yogis, there are some heated Vinyasa Flow style classes and at least one discounted community class per day.

4. CorePower Yoga

This studio combines heat, Vinyasa Flow and core strengthening, for an intense and purifying yoga workout. Classes are held all day every day, with evening and weekend classes getting seriously crowded. There is at least one beginner’s class and/or one free class per day. However, most other classes are advanced to intermediate and probably best suited for experienced yoga practitioners or people who are already physically fit. (Full disclosure: I am currently enrolled in the CorePower Teacher Training program. However, I am not employed by the studio, there is no promise of employment and I was not asked to include the studio in this review.)

5. Yoga Shakti

More than just a yoga studio, Yoga Shakti is a health and wellness center. In addition to yoga fitness classes and workshops, Yoga Shakti offers Chiropractic and Acupuncture services, body therapies and Ayurveda -- or the wisdom of life -- consultations. There are classes all day every day, ranging from beginner to advanced.

6. Cloud Nine Yoga

This yoga co-op is known for being community minded and intimate. There are a few Vinyasa Flow classes, however, Cloud Nine offers prenatal, gentle stretching, baby & me, meditation and healthy back senior classes. Unlike some of the larger, corporate studios, there aren’t a whole lot of classes daily, but Cloud Nine is more concerned about engaging students with personable instructors and personalized attention.

7. Lotus7 Yoga

Like Yoga Shakti, Lotus7 is a wellness center offering yoga classes as well as a variety of “lifestyle” services. Lifestyle services include massage therapy, nutrition counseling, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and chiropractic care and more. Lotus7 yoga classes range from beginner to advanced with styles including Astanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, as well as several varieties of specialty classes.

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